The desert grasslands of the Sonoran region, though often overlooked, feature an abundance of life, and through that, the Tucson Museum of Art is putting the notion of art imitating life on display.

Julie Sasse, the museum's chief curator, says this fragile and diverse ecosystem serves as inspiration for the current exhibit in the main gallery.

“It’s amazing to see the number of artists that are becoming passionate about the environment,” says Sasse.

The natural environment has always played a role in inspiring artists, and Sasse says this exhibition, an exploration of a subtle and complex ecosystem by a number of artists, demonstrates a range of insightful perspectives.

“This exhibition is meant to look at things empirically, at face value for what you see,” Sasse says. “Then to step back and take a look at it to see what it means … that’s what’s happening with all the work in this exhibition.”

Web Extra: Artist M.F. Cardamone describes her work: